Business Opportunity


Own a Sublime Cleaners Franchise

Let’s Partner Up – Sublime Cleaners is expanding its footprint and is looking to recruit new franchisees to start their own commercial and domestic cleaning business.

Sublime Cleaners Services:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Urine Treatment
  • Water Extraction
  • Fabric Protection
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Car Seat Cleaning

Start-Up Cost

Cost – From R50 000.00 (exclude suitable vehicle, includes franchise fee)


  • Franchise Joining Fee
  • Full Onsite & Theoretical Training
  • Start-Up Equipment
  • Start-Up Chemicals
  • Business Systems
  • Rights to use the Sublime Cleaners Trademark and Area Exclusivity


  • An established tried-and-tested franchise model.
  • Intensive in-house and on-site training for franchisees, staff and managers.
  • Ongoing support and leads supplied by Head Office.
  • Low start-up costs with minimal risk.
  • Minimal working capital required.
  • Low overheads.
  • Excellent & quick returns on investment.
  • Your own branch page on Sublime Cleaners website.
  • Affordable franchise fees.
  • Area exclusivity.
  • High profit margins
  • Full access to branding and marketing material.

Does Head-Office Provide Me with Leads?

  • Yes, head-office, will send all leads in your exclusive franchise area received.
  • Your monthly “Royalty Fee” is used to pay for “SEO” and “LEAD Generation”.
  • Lead Sharing between branches, apart from leads from Head-Office also forms a major part of franchising and offer a major advantage to franchisees.
  • An important part of being part of a Franchise Group is Brand Recognition, Brand Trust and Brand Responsibility, leaving customers with a feeling of trust, and therefore makes the purchase decision much easier, resulting in more sales.

Income Potential

  1. Average Monthly Sales = R 40 000
    Cost of Sales = R 2 100
    Average Expenses = R 9 000 (1 x Worker, Petrol, Tel, Insurance, Royalty Fee)
    Nett Profit Before Tax = R 28 900
  2. Average Monthly Sales = R 52 000
    Cost of Sales = R 2 700
    Average Expenses = R 14 000 (2 x Workers, Petrol, Tel, Insurance, Royalty Fee)
    Nett Profit Before Tax = R 35 300

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